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Conditions We Treat

The Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic offers an extensive diversity of traditional, progressive and interventional complementary naturopathic treatment services. Patients can expect an effective blend core, science based, naturopathic modalities along with contemporary specialized procedures.

The primary goal is to provide safe and effective therapy, so that patients can achieve their highest health potential.

The following is a list of many, but not all, treatment services available. If referral to other health care professionals or clinics for adjunctive care is deemed appropriate and in your best interest, it shall also be recommended.

Allergy Therapies
Botanical Medicine
Chelation Therapy
Chronic Pain Management
Chronic Fatigue Management
Clinical Nutrition
Counselling/Lifestyle Management
Detoxification Protocols
Diet Therapy
Homeopathic Medicine
Infectious Disease Management
Myofascial Trigger Point Release
Neural Therapy
Parenteral Therapy
Physical Medicine
Scar Therapy
Smoking Cessation Programs
Weight Loss Programs
Woman’s Health

To read more about each treatment, visit Treatments & Therapies.

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